• Understanding the Charity Governance Code

    Wednesday 4 October 2017

    Good governance in charities is fundamental to their success. The sector’s ‘Governance Code’ has recently been updated, raising the bar in response to the challenges that the sector has faced over the last few years. The code has been written to help charities and their trustees develop high standards, which should be a given to gain the trust of beneficiaries, stakeholders and supporters. In this session we will explain the key principles of the ‘Governance Code’ and discuss the recommended practice your charity should be considering. This event will be useful for any charity trustee and those in a senior position within charities who work closely with their board. For more details and to register, visit Eventbrite or click here

    Charity Finance Summit 2017

    We are pleased to announce that Mark Cummins & Jonathan Aikens will be presenting at the 2017 Charity Finance Summit which is taking place on Tuesday 17 October at 155 Bishopgate, London.
    Jonathan will be presenting session 1B. From an auditor’s perspective: issues & opportunities at 10:05
    Mark will be presenting session 6B. Fundraising – the basic tax exemptions at 15:40
    Look forward to seeing you there.
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